Beware Of The 189.00 Cheap Window Replacement Companies

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Cheap replacement windows

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Full Story About The Shady Bait n’ Switch Marketing Ploys Used By Some Window Replacement Companies

Cheap windows and legitimate window complaints often go hand and hand.  This is one area of home improvement that does not allow property owners to skimp on prices.  Some of the best deals in the window manufacturing and installation industries are simply too good to be true.  Offers of a 189.00 window, completely installed and fully trimmed, might seem unheard of.  In reality, however, these offers can be found in numerous places and are commonly referred to as sell-up or step-up window prices.

How 189.00 Window Companies Work

Cheap windows are usually just stripped down versions of the products that people really want.  More importantly, at a price this low, it is unlikely that homeowners are even going to get a very basic window installed without a number of extra charges thrown in.  Following are just a few of the things that you won’t find when paying only 189.00 for all window installation and material costs:

*  Two nite-vent stops
*  Adequate weatherstripping
*  Pure virgin vinyl (Homeowners will usually get regrind material instead)
*  Front and back caulking
*  Clean-up of the project site and the removal of waste materials
*  Ample thickness of dead air space

Extras like these and many others are bound to drive the job costs up, which is why $189 is commonly referred to as a step-up window price.  Low numbers like these get attention and consumers are bound to call in when they see them, but they will soon discover that they are either committing to substandard work and materials or a number of additional charges.  Window replacement prices simply cannot be this low, given the attention to detail and the high-quality materials that good workmanship and lasting results require.

Energy Savings

Even if property owners are willing to commit to substandard windows now in order to cut job costs, they are guaranteed to pay a lot more in the future in terms of rising energy costs.  Insufficient weatherstripping, poor installation and poor window quality can lead to massive heat loss.  Keeping the home at a comfortable temperature year-round will invariably become more expensive.  Quality windows will usually pay for themselves in energy savings, within the first full year.

Cheap Windows Have Many Drawbacks

When it comes to getting the lowest window replacement prices, people are almost always going to have to settle for vinyl windows and low-quality, regrind vinyl at that.  Consumer ratings sites and many other reputable organizations have consistently rated vinyl poorly in durability and temperature and rain resistance.  Ultimately, these products are a set-up for ongoing moisture issues and heat loss among other things.  When consumers pay to have cheap windows installed, they wind up getting exactly what they pay for – cheap windows.

How Unethical Window Companies Are Cheating Consumers

Professionals in this industry know that products must be substandard if they are truly going to charge their clients less than $200 for all job costs.  More often than not, they have absolutely no intention of offering people their advertised prices.  These are mere bait.  Once the job is accepted and the work is to be performed, people will find that they have received contracts with a number of hidden costs and material specifications that are less than acceptable in terms of quality.  The old bait and switch method is a popular one in this industry, given that few consumers are willing to acknowledge the true costs of having the job done right.

Creating Buyer Urgency

Heads swimming with promises of excellent and unheard of prices, some consumers make the mistake of signing job contracts right away.  These individuals may not have read the fine print, but they have already entered into legally binding agreements to have work performed by untrustworthy and unethical entities.  This works by telling people that an amazing offer is only available for a short period of time.  Without immediate action, homeowners stand the chance of missing out on these “great” deals.  This sense of urgency causes people to overlook important contract terms, materials specs and hidden costs.

Use Window Complaints To Help You Find The Right Provider

Published window complaints are some of the most helpful resources that consumers can find when attempting to locate a worthy provider.  How companies deal with client issues is very telling.  A trustworthy company always acknowledges customer dissatisfaction in a transparent and acceptable fashion.  This remains true even though there are a number of customers who are simply impossible to appease.  Companies that only have their eye on profits, however, pay little mind to the negative reviews they receive.  They rarely respond to these appropriately and they do not make an effort to provide a satisfactory resolution.

Homeowners should always check references and collect quotes from several providers.  They should also take the time to search the databases of consumer ratings organizations to find out whether companies have a large number of unresolved customer satisfaction issues.  Most businesses that specialize in cheap windows tend to have a lot of negative feedback posted on these platforms.

The Major Drawback Of Cheap Windows

In addition to getting substandard products and possibly being overcharged for services that are going to lead to home heat loss, moisture issues and an array of additional problems, homeowners lack access to reliable customer service platforms when using companies that boast unbelievable window replacement prices.  This means that their window complaints are likely to go unnoticed and any major problems that they experience will either have to be paid for out of pocket or resolved legally.  With written contracts to back their agreements up, many unethical entities are not all that worried about the window complaints they receive, irrespective of whether these claims are leveled formally or not.

With high-quality, custom manufactured windows, people have the opportunity to improve their property values and home aesthetics.  They can lower their carbon footprints, reduce their energy costs and avoid a host of unpleasant and unhealthy moisture issues.  Working with a reputable window company that charges feasible prices is always the best way to go.  These professionals back their work up, address issues when they arise and help homeowners to make wholly informed decisions when selecting their project materials.  They do not manipulate consumer emotions to garner more attention and then step-up their rates once they have lured these individuals in.

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