Champion Windows Reviews

Whether you plan on building a new home in the near future or simply want to find the best deals on replacement windows, you need all the information you can get to make the best choice. Champion Windows Reviews can help you determine what the company has to offer and whether this is the right brand of window for your next home window project.

Are these good windows?

Champion is a well known name when it comes to replacement and new windows. The prices are similar to other company's products, though this depends on whether customers call when they have special offers. Champion uses its own installers. This means the windows and installation processes are covered under the warranty. Homeowners may appreciate this feature if they discover problems with window installation later and need additional service. The quality of the windows is average, but many customers like the styles and features of the windows they've purchased.

Are there any complaints?

Some customers have complained about poor installation, broken seals within the first several months, and poor customer service. The majority of complaints are related to poor customer service for warranty coverage and replacement of new windows that don't function properly.

Is there anything customers don't like about the windows?

Some customers say the standard sized windows don't fit properly and installers must use more foam insulation and caulking to get a good fit. Other customers have complained that the windows don't seal properly, which defeats the purpose of ordering new, more energy efficient windows.

What are the Champion windows prices?

Champion typically does not offer different window quality at different prices levels. However, the comfort 365 costs roughly $4,450 for 8 windows. The company also offers financing to pay for larger window projects and some home improvement stores that sell Champion windows may offer financing for home improvement projects, which can include replacement windows.

What types of windows are offered?

Champion offers a variety of window styles, such as single hung, double hung, casement, picture windows, bay windows, and shaped windows. They offer every style competitors offer. In addition, they offer vinyl windows in three different colors and color bond vinyl windows in a variety of tasteful colors.

Where I can buy them?

Champion windows can be purchased from home improvement stores, which also offer installation of the new windows. However, in some areas, homeowners can order their windows and have them installed directly from the manufacturer.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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