Jeld Wen Windows reviews

Installing the right windows in your home can be tricky, especially if it is your first time moving into your property. Without the appropriate knowledge of windows and what to expect, you may find it difficult to perform the right choices for your decorative and functional window purchases. Fortunately, however, familiarizing yourself with the top window brands can be a good way to know what to expect in the field. Jeld Wen windows is one of the most commonly considered windows manufacturers available. They can provide many homeowners with a very versatile selection, with options available for all needs.

Overall, both customers and installation specialists agree that the windows featured by this group are excellent purchases. They were found to be very affordable, and were just durable enough to meet client expectations. Many believe that they are a tremendous improvement over other similar types of windows.

Common Jeld Wen Window Complaints?

Some common customer complains in Jeld Wen Windows reviews were focused on custom jobs and certain types of windows sold by the company. Many customers found that they could recommend the group's individual windows because of their affordability and ease of use, but could not do the same for some of the double hung types. Customers also had complaints about the customer service with the company overall, and believed that many of the representatives did not handle their problems in a positive way.

Jeld Wen Windows Prices

Almost all of the windows featured by this manufacturer are designed to be extremely affordable and easy to use. Their prices range from the lower end to the middle end of the common window pricing spectrum, and customers are strongly encouraged to shop with this group if they are working with a budget.

Jeld Wen Prices

Double hung windows

Basement windows

Casement windows

Awning windows

There is almost no deviation in standard window types with this group. Jeld Wen stocks a variety of double hung, single hung, awning, fixed, sliding, and other window types in different categories, arranged for customer convenience.

The company's website features a very comprehensive shopping list and selection that can make purchasing their windows very easy. If you are interested in a more first hand look at their products, however, you will be able to find Jeld Wen windows in most major home hardware retailers.

Overall, this company can be a good option for beginning homeowners or those who are working on a tight budget, but ultimately there are better ones to consider. With poor customer service skills, this group will not be very reliable should something go wrong with your windows.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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