Pella Windows Reviews

If you are about to renovate your home, replacing old windows with modern, energy-efficient ones, several brand names have crossed your path. In fact, there are so many you might feel overwhelmed. It's helpful to know that other consumers have been here before you and they are willing to share what they know about companies like Pella Windows, a company founded in the US more than 80 years ago. They make wood, fiberglass, and vinyl replacement windows and windows for new constructions. Take full advantage of their opinions and spare yourself some aggravation.

Pella Windows Reviews

The biggest question mark around Pella Windows pertains to quality. They look great, but do they perform well? A certain amount of ambivalence on this topic suggests they are not always reliable. Whether this is because some contractors do a better installation job than others or window manufacturing is inconsistent is hard to say. Pella Windows manufactures products in the United States, but national manufacturing standards don't seem to prevent problems or concerns with window parts becoming separated. Consumers often cite problems with quality.

Contractors frequently say that Pella Windows are okay at the upper end but you can do better for the money. Their high-end wood products look great. Professionals find there are brands that provide better security and durability, equally attractive finishing touches, and charge the same money, especially when it comes to their vinyl frames.

Yet Pella has won for Energy Star awards for their Vinyl 350 and 250 series. Obviously, these aren't completely terrible windows. Also, their hurricane windows contain a Polymer layer between panes of glass, so if windows shatter, this layer prevents them from collapsing. Hurricane windows, besides resisting severe weather, are also harder to break into. They add a level of security to a family home, something parents are deeply concerned about for their children's sakes and a point which gives seniors and their grown children peace of mind.

Pella Windows Costs

Like many companies, Pella doesn't post a price scheme on their website. There are too many options to create a chart. Besides, they want readers to warm up to products and become convinced that Pella is the brand for them before being turned-off by costs. If the high end is about $400 per piece, then you can be sure Pella reaches this price point with their Architecture Series or custom windows. At the other end, their products are budget-friendly, costing about half that sum per window. Financing is available directly from Pella.

Types of Pella Windows

Talk about variety: Pella has it all. They make specialty shapes, custom designs, wood-framed windows, and hurricane-grade panes. Shapes on offer include ellipses, half chords, partial arch heads, octagons, springline, and trapezoid windows. Your final result could be a dramatic one. But they also carry regular single- and double-hung forms, casement, bay, and bow windows.

Where to Buy Pella Windows

Here is one really good feature of Pella, besides the company's home-based manufacturing plants: their windows and doors are sold all over the country. Deal with them directly or visit a show room at Lowe's or PCC. Since those are national chains, you won't have trouble finding a distributor, examples of their windows, or installation experts.


Reviews don't fill me with confidence about Pella Windows, but I am encouraged by their environmental stance. The company and comments from home renovation pundits suggest this company cares deeply about the environment. In particular, they have made headway in the development of windows which make homes more efficient to heat and cool. When a home owner can say his windows have won awards in this category, that adds to re-sale value. Custom designs, meanwhile, add to its charm.

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