Ply Gem windows reviews

Ply Gem Windows is a window manufacturer located in North America specializing mainly in mid-grade windows and doors designed to enhance your home and make your spaces brighter. According to the company, "Ply Gem utilizes the latest advances in science and technology to bring your superior, stylish windows and patio doors". Even though Ply Gem windows reviews can be found all over the Internet, my goal is to include as much relevant information in this review to save you time and let you make an informed decision on the windows.

Ply Gem windows warranties

Let's start off with an often overlooked aspect of window buying, but in my opinion, one of the most important: warranties. All Ply Gem windows and door come with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, which is transferable for 5 years. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover glass breakage on its windows or doors.

Ply Gem Window Prices

One of the main advantages of Ply Gem windows are their prices. They are often priced 33% lower than windows of competitors - Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Stanek - with similar efficiency ratings. If you are trying to save money without sacrificing quality, Ply Gem is a great place to start your window search.

What types of windows do Ply Gem have?

Ply Gem windows come in a wide variety of styles, a list too long to cover in a review. Some of the more popular styles are bay, double hung, garden, and sliding. The right style window for you obviously depends on the room it is going in and the use, but you are likely to be purchasing more than one style of window for your home.

In addition to the window styles, there are also different materials available for your windows. Aluminum, aluminum clad, vinyl, vinyl clad, wood, and wood composite are the materials that you can choose for Ply Gem windows.

My main complaint with Ply Gem windows is the high air leakage number. Seal failure is relatively common in these windows, which can be a major problem if you live in a cold weather climate. To avoid running into this problem, read the next paragraph closely and take the advice to heart.

Even though Ply Gem windows are beautifully constructed and aesthetically-pleasing, you need to make sure the professional installing the windows is experienced and highly-rated. If you have a trusted contractor, ask them if they have an installer who is recommended. Also, make sure to get some references before hiring them, because you can purchase the best windows in the world, but if the person installing them does a poor job, you will run into trouble at some point. As people who have encountered trouble with seemingly high-quality windows will tell you, your windows are only as good as the person installing them!

Where can you buy Ply Gem Windows?

You can buy Ply Gem windows by heading to and clicking on the "Where to Buy" button. From there, you can search for a professional in your area and it will return businesses nearby that sell the brand.

Windows are a major purchase for your home, and you need to perform your due diligence before buying them. Ply Gem is an affordable brand that will hold up nicely over the years, and I highly recommend looking at their windows during your window-buying process.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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