Simonton Windows Reviews

Finding the right windows for your home can be difficult, and with so many brands to choose from, many homeowners may feel overwhelmed. One of the most popular brands available for people to choose from is known as Simonton windows. This brand provides a variety of different windows options that homeowners can look into for their needs.

What are people saying about Simonton Windows?

Most Simonton windows reviews lean towards the positive. Customers who have had the pleasure of installing them have reported that they are of very decent quality, and feature a reasonable warranty for numerous situations. They are among the most popular vinyl windows chosen by homeowners because of their reliability and the functionality that they can lend in most standard situations.

If customers had any complaints about these windows, it would be the fact that while they are very decently constructed, they are not at the top of the line in terms of durability. There are several other brands that may feature stronger overall designs, but they tend to be more expensive and geared toward specific uses. For the average homeowner, these windows are an excellent investment, but for someone looking for something more specialized, there are other options that can be considered.

There are almost no common complaints about the brand name or any of its products. If customers have had any complaints about the windows, they were mostly centered around personal situations and problems. Almost all professionals agree: there is simply no reason not to buy these windows for your general needs, especially given the available selection.

In terms of the personal complaints, many people felt as though some of the more specialized window options were too expensive. Some may have had a poor installation done, or did not enjoy the aesthetics given the appearance of their home, and the vast majority of such complaints were focused in such a way.

What are the cost of Simonton Windows?

The wide selection of Simonton windows provides homeowners with an array of prices that they can consider according to their home's needs and budget. Almost all of the options range from low to upper middle costs, with some windows available at two hundred dollars, while others may be purchased at a steeper four hundred dollars.

What types of window do Simonton carry?

The different types of windows are available according to shape, size, and structural reinforcement. Among the varying types commonly sold by this brand are geometric, picture, bay, bow, single hung, single slider, and many more. Interested shoppers can purchase a different style for different sections of their home, and some customization options are available.

Where can you buy Simonton Windows?

Simonton windows can be easily purchased at just about most major home hardware retail locations. Major chains such as Home Depot and Lowe's have them, and there are numerous online stores that interested shoppers can look into for their needs. Many of the products are also sold through building project distributors.

Overall, most Simonton windows reviews agree that these are very reliable buildings that can suit just about all home needs. They can be an excellent purchase for a first time home renovator, and there are more than enough product types available for your consideration.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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