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Amerimax makes pretty good windows. Their windows have a triple weather stripping, double strength glass, super spacers and a host of other attractive features that make them better than many comparable models. Amerimax windows are available in more color and grid options than many other vinyl brands. The standard glass package has an argon fill that qualifies the owner for a handsome tax rebate without having to perform an expensive window upgrade. The windows generally get good reviews for providing high quality at a fair price and the windows seem to be on upswing for both reputation and size.

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How much do they Cost?


Amerimax window prices runs from the mid to slightly high-end. The cost of Amerimax windows is right in the mid-range for the vinyl market - somewhere in the $400-$650 range for both double hung and normal installation windows. For homeowners who require vinyl windows with exterior colors though, the color could add a premium of 30%-40% on top of the normal price.
What Types of Amerimax Windows are Available?


Amerimax Window Prices By Series & Type
Masters Grande Series Windows Unit Price Window Price W/Installation
Masters Grande Series Double-hung $125 – $160 $150 – $250.00
Masters Grande Series Single-Hung Window $90 – $140 $175 – $220
Masters Grande Series Sliding Window (Two lite) $385 – $420 $500 – $650
Masters Grande Series Sliding Window (Three lite) $480 – $685 $625 – $800
Masters Grande Series Bay Window $800 – $1200 $1200 – $1600
Craftsman Portrait Series Windows Unit Price Window Price W/Installation
Craftsman Portrait Single-Hung Window $150– $260 $225 – $350
Craftsman Portrait Single Slider Window $320 – $375 $450– $500
Craftsman Portrait Picture Window $260 – $300 $400 – $450
Aristocrat Casement Series Windows Unit Price Window Price W/Installation
Aristocrat Casement Awning Window $325 – $700 $400 – $850
Aristocrat Casement Window $375 – $500 $500 – $700
Aristocrat 2-lite Window $350 – $600 $425 – $800
Amerimax Bay & Bow Windows Unit Price Window Price W/Installation
Unfortunately, due to the many custom build options available in the Amerimax Bay & Bow series, we can't give you a ballpark price. For those that are interested in these windows should reach out to a professional window contractor in their local area.
Amerimax Bay Window (Custom Build) $$$ – $$$$ $$$ – $$$$
Amerimax Bow Window (Custom Build) $$$ – $$$$ $$$ – $$$$


Amerimax has several high-quality vinyl windows under their belts.


1. Master Grande Series


Their Masters Grande Series is no doubt the company's proudest and most outstanding window. This model features two sashes that are made for horizontal sliding windows and double hung windows. These windows are simply beautiful and classy with many fine aesthetics including slender profiles, interior beveled frames and elegantly smooth and narrow lines. Master Grande windows provide a perfect view of the outdoors.


This series boasts good energy efficiency numbers: U-factor of 0.28, VT of 0.56 and SHGC of 0.30. The widows are available in 10 color choices for the frames. Master Grande Series windows come with a 10-year warranty.


2. Aristocrat Casement Series


The Aristocrat Casement Series feature a combination of modern beauty and traditional charm. This series boasts the tightest weather seal of all Amerimax windows as well as extremely rugged durability that provides ample protection from the elements. The windows are built in Roto hardware that makes them easy to operate. Additionally, they are built with a single-touch multi-point locking system for top-level security. The window can be used as both a casement window and an awning window.


These windows have good performance numbers--U-factor of 0.27, VT of 0.47 and SHGC of 0.25.


3. Craftsman Portrait Series


Amerimax's Craftsman Portrait Series is the company's upgraded vinyl series that sports double strength glass, superspacers and triple weatherstripping. The frame is somewhat bulky, but compensates for this by offering sightlines - something that older Amerimax windows did not have.

Performance wise, the Cratfsman Portrait Series puts up pretty decent numbers as well--U-factor of 0.29 and an SHGC of 0.29. These windows come with a 20-year warranty.


Where can I buy Amerimax Windows?


Amerimax windows can be bought by contacting Amerimax directly, or by contacting a local window professional.

You should bear in mind that proper installation of replacement windows is just as important as buying good quality ones. This ensures that you achieve the desired thermal efficiency. Always do your homework well and ensure you have a qualified installer. You can check with your friends and family, and also visit the online contractor licensing board to verify if your contractor is duly qualified.

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