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What is the duty of your windows? Do they allow others inside for a tiny glimpse of your world? Or do they let you look out onto the greater world outside to decide whether or not you wish to join it? Regardless of which side of the glass you are on, Atrium windows can provide a view that is at once stylish and protective.

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How much do Atrium windows really cost?


Atrium is one of the largest manufacturers in the nation of vinyl and wood windows. Because of the quality of design and workmanship, Atrium window prices tend toward the higher end of the scale. However, experts in windows consider the price reasonable given the benefits Atrium windows can provide. For example, the cost of Atrium windows to replace 10 vinyl double-hung widows at a home in the Northeast would run about $4,400 when the costs of installation and the disposal of old windows are included. Windows from other manufacturers average about $220 per window, without installation costs.


What type of window styles do they offer?


The types and styles of windows available from Atrium can meet most any architectural and climate need. The company makes a great store in the investments it has made in research and investment and product development. As a result, Atrium windows are ranked high on the scale of quality and durability. From single, double, to tripple-pane glass, and most popular trim work; there's going to be the perfect Atrium window for your needs.


Where can you find Atrium windows?


Atrium windows are available in all 50 states and British Columbia, so they are built to handle the weather, from the warmth of the Southwest to the frigid winters of Northeast. They are the ultimate in energy efficiency and can come in specialty styles that provide for greater soundproofing or with impact resistance. Types of windows include double- and single-hung, slider, awning, casement, bay and bow, garden, tilt and turn or roll and turn, and picture windows.


Dealers in Atrium windows are qualified and authorized by the company to sell and install the units. They must demonstrate a knowledge of the local community and its building needs and processes so that they can recommend the correct Atrium window for a client's specific situation. Local window dealers and showrooms dominate the Atrium lineup since the brand typically is not available through the mega-box home improvement chains.


What to expect from customer service reps?


The average Atrium customer will be exposed to the various styles and types of windows available by visiting a local showroom where they can receive individual help from someone who knows the brand intimately. Window exposures, uses, and needs can be taken into account in selecting the best type to install for that particular site. Style also is a major consideration, since windows are such a large component of the appearance and curb appeal of a building. There is no one-size-fits-all window in the Atrium way of doing business.


The bottom line is that Atrium windows are intended for the discerning architect or home owner. The windows are built to last and should be considered a long-term investment in the value of the home or other building where they will be on display. They not only have style, but also have a demonstrated durability that provides lasting energy efficiency that will lower the structure's overall cost of operation and give a reliable outlook onto the world.

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