Cost of Awning Windows

How much do Awning windows cost?

Awning windows are good to consider when looking into replacement windows for your home. The hinges are easy to operate and make for unobstructed view, plus the ability to let in air while keeping out the weather. As with any window, there are different prices, sizes, and quality levels, so it's important to make sure you know what you're getting for the cost of awning windows.

What type of awning windows are there?

Basic level awning windows are usually vinyl and run from $185 to around $260. These windows usually come in pretty standard sizes for awning windows, such as 24 inches wide by 20 inches tall or 48x24. Installation will always raise the price. How much will depend on the size of the opening and what work is required to make the window fit and finish the area. Most windows will cost around $100 to install, bringing the prices to between $285 and $360.

Mid level awning windows will usually be wood surrounds. They will have better glass than what comes in the basic level windows, and are a little more customizable with sizes and colors. Mid level prices go from $250 to $380 for the window. When installation is added, costs will run $350 to $480 per opening.

Premium windows will have the most energy efficient glass and use high end wood or steel surroundings. Steel is usually the most expensive and can raise the price as much as 30%. These windows will also feature better hardware for longer-lasting use. A premium window will start around $400 and can cost over $1000 depending on the size, though a standard 48x24 premium wood averages at $550. Adding installation costs, the price will start around $500 for smaller sizes and could go over $1100.

Awning windows are a great style for homes that need to let in some air without being bothered by the elements, but there are a lot of choices available. Be sure to research so you can find the windows that will work best for you.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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