Cost of Casement Windows

Casement windows are framed and hinged so that they swing open on vertical pivots or sashes, and fasten shut on the opposite sash. Smaller casements opening and fastening on horizontal pivots are often found within the vertical sashes. This variation is not only useful, it can punctuate nicely a row of rather bland windows. Because of their versatility, casement windows are used extensively in suburban housing and are available at various price levels.

What's The Average Cost of Casement Windows?

Low Cost Casement Windows:
What determines the Cost of Casement Windows is the material from which the frames are made. The most basic frames are made from vinyl. Much depends on the size and style of the window but generally, a plain, unglazed window frame without locks or fastenings should cost around $150. With the glass, locks or customized fasteners added, the window can cost up to $200. The fenestration for a house of 10 windows should cost around $2,000, the cost of installation another $1,000, total $3,000.

Mid Priced Casement Windows:
Aluminum frames occupy the medium price ground. Again, much depends on the size and style of window, but an unglazed frame without finish, locks or other accessories should cost in the region of $200. Aluminum can be stained to a number of finishes, whatever the homeowner requires. A stained window, together with locks and glazing, brings the cost to $600. This means the full fenestration of the house is $6,000, plus $2,000 for installation, total $8,000.

Premium Casement Window Prices:
The most beautiful windows of all are timber, which can be painted or left bare of finish. Prices vary according to the type of wood, with hardwoods (like oak) costing more than softwoods (like pine). A softwood frame without glazing or finish will cost around $600, and glazed it will cost $700. A glazed oak frame with fastenings could cost up to $1,400. Using the same formula, the Cost of Casement Windows for a house fenestrated in oak will be around $14,000, plus $7,000 installation, total $21,000.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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