Cost of Champion Windows

For over thirty years, Champion has been providing high quality windows for homeowners. Unlike other window companies, Champion provides a lifetime guarantee on their windows. This warranty includes accidental breakage, seal repair and any other mechanical failure. Another unique feature of Champion windows is that if the owner decides to sell his home, he can transfer the warranty to the new owner. This greatly increases the value of the home.

Energy Star Certified

Champion provides numerous styles and colors, all windows are vinyl and are double paned. This keeps your home quiet and free of outside noise. It also protects your furniture and flooring from sun damage. All Champion windows are Energy Star certified, these windows can save an average of 30% off your current electric bill.

How Much do Champion Windows Cost?

Another unique feature of Champion windows is that they are sold exclusively through the company instead of retail stores. This insures that each window sold is held to Champion's high quality standards. Each window is also professionally installed by a trained contractor. Prices of each window are upfront and include installation. The cost of Champion windows range from $500 to $700 and include disposal of your old window.

What Type of Window Styles does Champion Have?

Champion windows work well with both new and historical homes. Whether you are replacing your current window or completing a renovation on your home, there is a Champion window that will fit perfectly. From contemporary, Colonial, Cape-cod, to Bungalow styled home - Champion windows has the right type of style to suite your tastes.

Bay and bow windows are a great way to bring in natural sunlight to your home. Champion can also install a window seat to match your current interior. Garden windows are a great idea for kitchen, you can grow herbs on the built in shelves. If you have a beautiful view from your home, consider a Champion picture window. These windows are over-sized, allowing an unobstructed view. They also slide open, providing a breeze to circulate through your home. If you like the look of wooden windows, the TimberBond line is your answer. It features the beautiful look of wood in a variety of finishes.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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