Cost of Glider WIndows

How much do Glider Windows Cost?

When the outdoor air is fresh it is time to open the windows wide. Install easy to open sliding windows and allow the sunlight and the fresh air into your home. Sliding windows have slim frames; hence they let in a maximum amount of light. The cost of glider windows varies according to size but fitting sliding windows could save energy in the long term. Let's chat about the cost of installing new sliding windows:
The Cost of Fitting Basic Glider Windows

Fit basic two sash gliders and you pay approximately $3.90 per square inch.
Hence a seventy five square inch window costs $133-$151
Installing the new gliding smooth sliding window costs $38-$61
The total cost of supplying and fitting new seventy five square inch clear glass gliding windows is $170-$212
Fitting Mid-Level Sliding Windows

Fit mid-level gliders and you pay approximately $4.60 per square inch
A set of attractive new gliding windows that measure seventy five inches square costs $148-$169
It costs $57-$80 to fit the gliders
Supplying and fitting new mid-level seventy five inch square sliding windows costs $205-$250
Fitting Premium Sliding Windows

Buy premium level gliding windows and you pay approximately $5.40 per square inch
The installation charges are $76-$107
The cost of supplying and installing new premium level gliding windows is $243-$292
Look at the cost of glider windows and note the difference between installing basic and premium windows. Basic gliders are not as durable or as energy efficient. Mid-level sliding windows are more durable and energy efficient. Premium gliders are highly energy efficient and hard-wearing.

Basic glider windows frames are made from UPVC whereas mid-level gliding window frames are constructed using wood, aluminium or vinyl cladding. Premium fiberglass screens have aluminium or wooden frames that are lightweight and highly durable. Glider windows are suitable for all types of room.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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