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If you are in the market for vinyl windows, then Harvey is a manufacturer that you should know about. This company has three different models of windows available. Understanding the facts and Cost of Harvey Windows will help you determine whether this is the right option for you.

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What's The Cost Of Harvey Windows On Average?

Harvey Window Prices By Window Type
Double-hung Windows Unit Price Window Price W/Installation
Harvey Slimline Windows $250-$325 $350-$425
Harvey Classic Windows $300.00 $450.00
Harvey Tribute Windows $400.00 $600.00
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Harvey Slimline

This is the low end model from this manufacturer. The glass on these windows is 1/4" thinner. This can help you to have a better line of sight when looking out the window. However, the thickness means that they are not a good option for larger windows. The cost for these windows without installation will start around $250. If you plan to have them installed, the cost will start around $375.

Harvey Classic

This model is the mid level window that Harvey offers. It has thicker glass than the Slimline and will perform better. The ratings, such as having a U-Factor of 0.32, on this window make it comparable to more expensive models. This is the reason that it is often a go to option for many contractors. The price for this model will start around $300 without installation. With the installation cost included your price will start at about $450.

Harvey Tribute

If you want the top of the line model from this manufacturer, then this is the model you want. It also has decent ratings and looks nice as well. Some people do complain about the windows being slightly bulky though. The cost for these windows will start at about $400 without installation and $600 including installation.

The thing to keep in mind is that the prices can vary drastically. The size of the window is a major factor to consider. With this, you will need to look at the ways the window is customized to get an understanding of what the actual cost will be.

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Josh said : Guest Report Mar 08, 2016 at 5:41 PM

We had three replacement window companies come to our home and they all stressed how great their window products were and we found that Harvey windows was the best choice for us. Harvey windows is also locally owned with a great reputation for windows. Our contractor was really great to work with and the windows look really great in our home.

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