Harvey Casement Window Cost

Casement windows are specifically designed to swing open on vertical pivots or sashes. This design aesthetic makes for a window that is not only practical, it can also break up the monotony of a bland row of windows. If you are after a budget model that will not drain the bank account then you would do well to check out the Harvey Windows. The Harvey casement window is available as a single unit, or as part of a multi-unit combination, with each one offering plenty of ventilation and fluid operation.
Pricing, as always, will depend on the features and options you add on to the basic unit, with the cost of Harvey Casement windows starting at $150.00. Adding customized fasteners and extra glazing can bump that price up to $200.00. Professional installation will add a little extra as well, typically costing $300 to $350.00 per window.

As with most of Harvey's window range there are a lot of options to choose from with this model. Renovators looking for a traditional wood look can opt for Harvey's revolutionary BetterGrain™ finishes. These are available in dark oak and red cedar, but only for the interior frame. The BetterGrain™ finish is a dual-process which re-creates the look of wood more naturally than any veneer or laminate can hope to accomplish.

Custom grid configurations are available upon consultation with two grid configurations available as standard: the colonial, and the prairie. Three screen options are available for the Harvey Casement. Fiberglass is standard on the base model, but you can opt for aluminum wire, or VIEWS screen, depending on your budget and requirements.

To create a more energy efficient home there is a high performance glazing alternative available which exceeds the ENERGY STAR requirements. The basic model already meets these requirement so there are no concerns there, but this feature is recommended for those who demand a little more from their windows.

A couple of other things to like about this window model are a single latch, multi-point locking system; creating a window which is secured from multiple locations. And for easy cleaning Harvey have also created a design which opens to 90°, meaning you don't have to go outside to clean the entire window.

Harvey casement prices mean that this model is a quality design that will not break the budget. The Harvey Casement is not just beautiful, it is functional as well, with an efficient design that is both easy to clean and easy to secure. Visit our main page for an overview of the top 30 window manufacturers including their window replacement costs

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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