Harvey Slimline Windows Cost

Replacing your windows for Harvey windows is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home an instant upgrade. The right windows can also save you money on home heating and cooling costs, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Harvey slimline windows are some of the best on the market and are the preferred brand of contractors from across the country.


harvey slimline windows prices

How much are Harvey Slimline windows?

Most Andersen windows start at 200.00 -250.00 on average, and professionally installed at 150.00 -300.00. Here’s a quick price comparison:

  • Basic To Mid Level Cost: $200 to $250
  • Optional upgrades: Krypton gas, custom grid styles cost an extra: $30.00 to $75.00
  • Window Installation Costs: $150 to $300 (For each window installation)

Add-ons include low-E glazing with or without Argon gas. For this feature, expect to pay an additional $25-$40 per window. Double low-E glazing with Argon gas usually costs approximately $50 per window. For a foam wrap, costs are usually about $10 additional per window.

Foam wrap, polyethylene foam filled frames and sashes cost approximately $16 per window, while the Oriel style (large upper sash) 60/40 windows cost $10 additional for each window. Cottage style (large lower sash) windows are priced at an additional $10.

Most people pay between $250 to $275 for installation of these windows. Harvey Slimline prices are comparable with their similar counterparts from other manufacturers.

The Harvey Slimline window is one of the more popular double hung window models, especially in the Northeast. Winters in these areas can be particularly brutal, and having the right windows means the difference between enjoying warmth or dealing with bone-chilling drafts.

The windows tilt out, making them easy to clean. This is an excellent feature when you're faced with the buildup from fall leaves, summer soot and winter ice. The vinyl coating means Most installers charge about $60 per window, which is the mid-range price for window installation.

The windows run on the thinner side, which makes them excellent for a clearer line of sight, but not ideal for larger window needs. The Harvey Classic or Harvey Tribute are actually better for larger windows like those on ground floors, floor to ceiling windows and bay windows.

When it comes to getting an economical, yet energy efficient windows, Harvey's line of vinyl windows are the best choice. Popular with both contractors and homeowners alike, the Harvey Slimline offers protection and durability, and with a lifetime warranty, they're a safe bet for any home.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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