Cost of Hopper Windows

Hopper windows, traditionally a choice for basement and bathroom ventilation, have "hopped" their way into several interior magazines, thanks to their ease of use. These are hinged at the bottom and can be opened inwards up to 180 degrees through a handle at the top. Here is a brief overview of the cost of hopper windows.

How much do hopper windows cost?

A hopper window measuring 32x14 to 32x16 inches with vinyl frame, basic sweep lock, and metal hinges costs $47-49. Hopper windows have a standard length of 32 inches while the width varies between 14 and 24 inches. As the width goes up, so does the price. Added security features like dual sash lock instead of a single swing lock can push the price to $69 mark. All hopper windows that are sold without the glass include a fiberglass mesh screen. The installation cost is not included in the price as these are sold as DIY replacement supplies.

How much do glass-fitted hopper windows cost?

Hopper windows fitted with argon glass that is ENERGY STAR compliant start from around $110 for standard length and 11-12 inch width. Hopper windows that are 13-17 inches wide and fitted with glass cost $128. Larger hopper windows, with lengths exceeding the 32 inch standard cost between  $200-$400. These are often further insulated and double-paned for increased energy efficiency. Higher-end hopper windows have acrylic panes with a crushed texture that allow natural light to come in but impede visibility, providing privacy.

What Other Styles Do Hopper Windows Come In?

Cost of hopper windows vary with the hardware finishes. Usually tilt and turn handles in white, bronze, and the more expensive brass finish are used. The cost also increases if you choose to migrate from the standard vinyl finish towards textured interior and exterior finishes like leather, and wood. The exact pricing is determined by the size and the hardware of the hopper window.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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