Cost of Jancor windows

If you are looking for Jancor window prices the company's official website (which seems to have been last updated in 2002-2003) will offer little help. Although the original four-company entity went bankrupt in 2009, two of its member companies are still alive and kicking. Here is a guide to Jancor window prices of models still in production.

How Much Do Jancor Windows Cost?

Cost of Jancor windows may seem slightly higher than what your local hardware store would charge you. However, keep in mind that Jancor windows use energy efficient, UV-treated glass and will offer better insulation. That said, Jancor prices are actually less than what several other brands charge for their energy efficient vinyl windows. The average cost of Jancor windows range in the 150-200 range for their basic models.

What Types of Windows Does Jancor Offer?

Kensington sells energy-efficient vinyl windows. Their most popular range, the Quantum2 features double hung vinyl windows with energy-efficient glass with 99.5% UV protection. Its other popular offerings include the Huntington501 series, the Kensignton series, and bay windows. All products are available in a variety of glazings, hardware options, grilles, sizes, styles, and glass options. Survivor Technologies exclusively offers replacement windows in two ranges: 7100 and 5600. The company doesn't cater to custom size requirements but its style guide for the 7100 and 5600 covers almost every style and dimension including double hung, top hung, casement, and even awning.

Where Can You Buy Jancor Windows?

Jancor's corporate offices are located in Ohio. The company has only four stores and all of them are in the east. Survivor and Kensington mainly sell through wholesale distributors and large retailers. Kensington allows interested homeowners to request quotes through their websites.

You won't find Jancor windows in most home remodeling magazines yet they are trusted by thousands of families. Jancor continues to enjoy a loyal customer base and seems to rely on word of mouth to attract new customers. Remember to compare Jancor window prices from several sellers before loosening your wallet.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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