Cost Of Single Hung Windows

Nothing increases the value and appearance more than new windows for a home. They help bring the outside world in, while adding warmth in the winter time and saving on heating bills. New windows can brighten up the home and allow a breath of fresh air in the springtime. It's important to research to get a general idea of the cost of single hung windows before getting an estimate to replace the windows in a home.

How Much Do Single Hung Windows Cost?

Basic Replacement Window Cost:
Depending on the size of the window, the material and the company that manufactures them, the cost of single hung windows vary. A basic single hung window can be purchased for around 150 dollars and can cost between 200 to 275 dollars when including the installation fee. These windows normally have vinyl frames. Vinyl frames are popular choices and are normally less expensive than wood and aluminum. This basic option is best for owners who rent out their houses.

Mid level Single hung Window Prices:
Expect to pay around 200 to 300 dollars for a mid grade level single hung window with a vinyl frame or a lower end aluminum frame. The price including installation will run around 275 to 450 dollars. Usually the homeowner will have several choices of colors and better hardware with a solid glass window package. This price is for a quality window that lasts for up to 25 years when properly maintained.

Premium Window Replacement Cost:
For a premium window, the cost of single hung windows range from 350 to 500 dollars for each window and 450 to 750 dollars installed. The framing materials of a premium window are usually made of aluminum or wood. This window should last up to 35 years.

So What Does Window Installation Cost?

Installation costs vary depending on the simplicity of the project. More complex jobs which require extra work to the window sill or frame will cost more. And remember, costs can fluctuate depending on brands, styles, materials, and the choice of energy saving features of the windows. Consider what the cost of single hung windows would be in comparison to enhancing the beauty and value of the home, along with the money that would be saved on winter heating bills.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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