Cost of Soundproof Windows

Nobody enjoys living next to a noisy road or in a loud neighborhood. The sound vibrations from passing cars and noisy neighbors can seep through the windows of your home and dramatically increase noise pollution. Fortunately, help is available for those struggling with this problem. Soundproof windows utilize a variety of technologies to reduce or completely eliminate sound penetrating your home from your windows. Luckily, the cost of soundproof windows does not have to be a financial burden. There are several levels of quality, and depending on your needs, you may not have to select the most expensive option.

What's the average cost of soundproof windows?

Low Cost Soundproof Windows:

Generally, the basic level of soundproof window is composed of thicker glass, and it has a wider gap between the two panes of glass. The panes of glass are usually between .50" to .75" thick. This increased thickness helps the glass to absorb much of the sound waves passing through the material. Additionally, there is a space between the two panes of glass that is usually about one inch wide. This gap allows the sound waves to further dissipate as they move through the window. These windows will generally cost around $300 not including installation fees.

Mid Level Soundproof Windows Cost:

Windows in this price range are usually composed of either vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass frames with glass half an inch thick. Due to the basic quality of materials used in these windows, they will not provide total insulation from outside sounds. However, they do greatly diminish outside noise's ability to penetrate a home. Windows in this range will typically cost between $500 to $700 before installation costs.

Premium Soundproof Windows:

These types of windows are made with thicker glass and better insulating materials. Panes of glass in this category may be up to two inches thick and can also be triple paned. As a result of the better quality materials used, windows in this price range are capable of virtually eliminating noise pollution from your home. The price of premium soundproof windows will usually be between $700 to $1500 before installation costs.

There is little doubt that outside noise pollution can dramatically reduce the comfort of those inside your home. Fortunately, there are windows available that can virtually eliminate noise pollution. The cost of soundproof windows will vary based on the quality of materials used.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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