Cost of Picture Windows

How much do Picture windows Cost?

Picture windows are large windows that do not open. They accentuate a view, while allowing lots of light into a room. The view that the window frames is the picture. Picture windows are often placed in entertaining rooms such as a formal dining room or a living room.

The basic cost of Picture windows start at $130 for a glass or vinyl sheet, ready to install. Basic materials needed for a picture window include one solid piece of vinyl or glass to fill the space, framing two by fours, framing wood for trim, wood glue, epoxy, and nails. At the minimum a fair estimate is $200 without installation and up to $300 installed for replacement window prices.

If you would like to upgrade to a larger window, thicker or double paned glass then the mid range prices are going to fall between $230-$400 for a do it yourself project and $400-$600 for a professional installation. The materials are basically the same except a larger glass sheet. Upgrades include, finer wood used on the trim, thicker glass, double panes and thicker supporting beams.

For the largest windows, with the best materials, premium costs of a picture window can range from $500-$700 for a do it yourself project, and up to $900 to hire a contractor. Keep in mind that many contractors will offer discounts if you are getting more than one type of window done. The materials at this level are basically the same as the others, yet you will need larger supports to hold up the larger window pane and frames. The choice of window material used can vary from double paned glass with insulating gas between the panes, to vinyl, or even sometimes thick Plexiglas.

Keep in mind that if you do not have a working level of construction, you may want to hire a pro because a leaking window can cost you down the road, and a picture window is meant to be a perfect frame for a view.

Picture windows are a lovely light-adding addition to a room. The added warmth in the winter offsets any winter blues. Picture windows are ideal when you have a yard or view you want to see all the time.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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