Cost of Transom Windows

How much do Transom Windows Cost?

Transom windows are stylish and can be made into almost any size and shape. The cost of transom windows varies depending on size, shape and design. Whatever your budget and size requirements, there is a stunning transom window available for you.

Arched transom windows are highly popular and can create an air of elegance and drama when placed over a door in an entrance hall or over an existing window to really open up your living space even more. The cost of these arched windows varies from around $150 for the smaller, simply styled ones to the region of $800 for the really large, ornate models. There are sizes available to fit any home.

Elliptical and half round windows look great and have an air of importance and purpose about them. These highly attractive windows begin at around $160 for the smaller plain glass models and reach around $690 for the more decorative designs.

Rectangular windows offer a more traditional shape which is sometimes easier to integrate into the space available, but by no means have to be boring or uninspired in their design. The simpler geometric patterns begin at around $75 for the small sizes and reach the $240 mark for the larger ones. There are some beautifully intricate designs available that feature pleasantly elegant swooping lines. These begin at approximately $355, going up to around $680 for the bigger sizes.

Muntin patterns are some of the most beautiful available. They have delicate curves mixed perfectly with geometric patterns to create an attractive and eye catching look. The cost of these windows depends largely on the style you choose. On average, you can expect to pay around $280 for the smaller sizes and $650 for the larger ones - dependent on what type of window manufacturer you choose from.

All of these replacement window prices are averages and do not include the installation fee. In most cases, the installation fees are affordable and can sometimes be negotiated with the contractor.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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