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Windows are our portals to the world outside our homes. They need to not only be strong and reliable as well as resistant to water and air infiltration; but they also need to be aesthetically pleasing in appearance so they enhance the architectural beauty of our homes.

When we build a home or replace the windows in our existing home, let's be honest. We want to stay within our budget, but none of us ever chooses our windows based solely on their price. We select windows that are attractive and will frame the vistas we see through them beautifully. Those are the characteristics for which Loewen windows are so highly valued.

About Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows are manufactured by a small Canadian company that manufactures wood clad windows on the high end of the price scale. This company is appreciated for the excellent and reliable quality of their products. Manufactured of Douglas fir or mahogany, these windows have excellent thermal performance and product strength. They rank as some of the very best wood windows on the market today.

Loewen manufactures multiple types of windows in a variety of architectural styles to suit various décor needs. These include:

Casement windows in Traditional, Mission, French Chateau and
Push Out styles
Awning windows that open out from the bottom and feature
quick release sashes
Double hung windows with a variety of finish choices on the
Picture windows manufactured to provide the maximum amount of
Bay and Bow windows that can be built at three different
fixed angles: 34°, 45° and 90°
• Access windows that allow their sashes to rotate 180° outside
their frames
• Specialty windows in 15 different shapes including round,
oval, gothic and extended ellipse
Transom windows for ventilation and visual interest above
other windows and doors

The Cyprium Collection offers bronze and copper clad doors and windows in color palettes of four different choices.

Cost of Loewen Windows

Because Loewen is widely regarded as one of the best wood window manufacturers, Loewen window prices are on the high end of the price scale. With standard installation, you can reasonably expect to spend $1,000 per opening on average for a double hung window. For the Cyprium Collection, you may expect to pay as much as $1,400 per opening.

Where to Find Loewen Windows

The Loewen Company sells their windows through dealers throughout the country. To find a dealer in your area, go to their company website at www.loewen.com, and then click on FIND A DEALER to find a business in your state or community that sells these windows.

When you want beautiful and well-made wood windows for a home you are building or as replacement windows for your existing home, Loewen has many excellent selections for all your needs. Quality like this is well worth the cost.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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