Milgard Windows Prices – Types, Styles & Installation Costs

Milgard windows prices by series typeMilgard has historically been known as a manufacturer of new construction windows. However, following the drop off in new construction activity after the global economic meltdown that happened a few years ago, the company has been focusing more attention on replacement windows and remodeling products. The company now manufactures some of the finest vinyl windows in the U.S. West Coast. You can also get wood, fiberglass and aluminum windows by Milgard.

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How Much do Milgard Windows Cost?

*Please note -- these prices are ballpark prices and are not set in stone. Each and every window dealer and window installation contractor has their own set pricing. This includes: overhead, what kind of products they are including with the installation, insulation, trash haul-away, window wraps, etc..

Milgard window prices are very fair considering their quality. The cost of Milgard windows is mid-range. Overall, Milgard windows cost somewhere in the $189-$989 range depending on the build material (supply only). For supply and installation, you can get the windows at a 30% premium that brings the cost to $252-$1,131.

Milgard Styline Windows

Milgard's Styline windows are thinner framed modern-looking windows with more glass than Tuscany windows and uneven sightlines. The windows do not have weep hole covers or a vent lock and instead feature an elevated locking mechanism. Styline windows are about 10% cheaper than the popular Tuscany windows mainly because the extra glass makes them a bit less energy efficient than Tuscany windows. They are a great choice for small window openings.

Milgard Tuscany windows

Tuscany windows are Milgard's most popular windows and cost 10% less than Styline windows due to their better efficiency ratings and thicker frames. They feature that famed classic look that adapts well to the styles of many homes. The upgraded Tuscany windows include vent stops, wider spacers and high quality screens. The 3D Max glass package is a real competitor to top models such as Simonton 7300. Tuscany is not really high-end but offers comparable performance and impressive durability.

Milgard Ultra (Fiberglass)

Milgard's Ultra windows are made of fiberglass window frames. Even though they lack the curb appeal of top-of-the-line fiberglass windows, they are still a great option for wood interiors. Ultra comes with a very good warranty and is a good alternative to more costly fiberglass windows such as Infinity and Marvin's.

Milgard Quiet Line (Soundproof)

Quiet Line by Milgard is one of Milgard's more expensive models. As the name suggests, Quite Line is designed to filter out as much noise as possible, making it an ideal choice for homes located near busy streets. The window has a high STC factor of 46, close to the noise-reduction ability of glass used in recording studios which mostly ranges 50-55 STC. The frame is thick and quite bulky so as to bear the weight of the thicker glass. Though expensive, they are really effective at cutting out all that unwanted noise from your home.

Where Can You Buy Milgard Windows?

You can buy Milgard windows from your local certified dealer. You can also order the windows online from Milgard. The company also supplies custom made-to-order windows.

You can have your windows supplied and installed by a Milgard dealer or get a local contractor to do it for you. Proper installation of energy-efficient windows is critical to the overall thermal efficiency.

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