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Your home is your castle and your cozy haven of rest from the world. Not only do you want your home to be well-built and sturdy to protect you from the elements, but you want it to be attractive and to reflect the personality and personal tastes of the family that lives within its walls. The windows of your house are your eyes on the outside world when you are comfortably relaxed within its walls. If your home is indeed your castle, then building it or refurbishing it with Pella windows frames it with its crown jewels.

Types of Pella Windows Available

When searching for energy-efficient windows for a home under construction or for replacement windows, there is no need to sacrifice beauty and architectural style for warmth and protection. Pella offers windows and patio doors in three different types of materials and a variety of price ranges so you have real choices that suits your home, budget and needs. From materials, window styles and colors, you will find the windows that are right for your project. Their windows include:

Bow or Bay
Special Shapes

Pella even produces custom windows with the special designs and features you want for your home. They can personalize windows to your tastes as they work with you through their Design specialists to create a window from your personal specifications.

Pella windows are manufactured with energy-efficient insulating glass that blocks many of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Pella also constructs specialty windows for specific regions of the country and their climate needs. There are tinted windows to block glare, laminated/tempered windows for safety and noise control, and impact-resistant glass in their Hurricane Shield® windows.

Cost of Pella Windows

Pella windows are available in three types of material: wood, fiberglass and vinyl. The different window series are cost rated by Pella with $ symbols for the type of price range you can expect when purchasing windows from those designs. Costs of installation must be added to the cost of each window later. You can generally count on adding at least $100 per window for replacing a window, often more. It may cost $1,000 or more to replace a bay or bow window.

The Architect Series® 850 are Pella's detailed wood windows with a $$$-$$$$ price range. Call your local supplier to receive a quote for these windows. The Designer Series® 750 are also wood offerings in the same price range. This series offers snap-in shades and between-the-glass blinds that are easily changed when you want to update your décor. These help reduce allergens and outside noise. Double-hung windows in this series range from $299 to $999, depending on size. The Pella Proline® 450 provides beautiful wood windows at a competitive price point. Double-hung units run from $127 to $222. Casement windows cost from $198 to $298. Awnings range from $99 to $189.

For fiberglass windows that are incredible strong, Pella offers its Impervia® series with an affordable $$ price range. Their single-hung windows range from $99 to $209 and double-hung from $131 to $240. Pella's superior performance vinyl series of windows is their 350 Series® with a $$-$$$ price range. A single-hung window is from $47 to $152 and a double-hung $109 to $170 in this series. Encompass® is their cost-effective $-$$ vinyl series of easy care windows. Pella window prices in this series include single-hung windows from $89 to $190 and larger casement windows range from only $108 to $329.

Where to Buy Pella Windows

To find a Pella Window supplier in your area, go to and find the showroom or supplier in your local community. Pella windows are also carried by major home supply stores. Be sure to get quotes from several installers before beginning any work to be sure you get the best possible price on quality installation.

Pella windows are the perfect finishing touch to frame the architectural beauty of your home when viewed from the curb. They are also the perfect frame for views of the outside world you enjoy from inside your home. Pella windows keep your home protected from the weather and climate conditions, keeping all inside comfortable and snug.

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