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Recently I was looking for new windows for my house. There are many choices, but I really liked VinylMax. There was a wide selection for all styles of homes. Finding the beautiful, wood trimmed Sherwood design was perfect for me. Fashionable, with details I liked, as if they were made for my home.

What types of windows are there? They had double hung, sliders, picture windows and every description imaginable. The many colors for the exterior side was impressive. It would be very pleasing to never have to paint these elegant energy efficient windows. The colors, styles and patterns suit every home description and material. There are even energy efficient windows made especially for the northern winter climate. Thermolock vinyl windows are still the attractive windows one expects. No one would guess they are distinctly made for the super cold weather. Warm, stylish and easily maintained, and at the valued cost of Vinylmax windows.

The details make the difference in Vinylmax windows. No matter which style of color or material one chooses, they are all priced right. How much does it cost? Vinylmax window prices start at $325 and go to about $525, installation included. Amazing, considering the plethora of characteristics offered. If you have a Victorian styled home, there are choices for windows in your preference that are color toned and will never rot, peel or discolor.

The selection of windows, doors and sliders are titled for a particular pattern and appearance. The Lynnfield Double Hung windows are modern with aesthetic appeal and energy expertise.

My next question was, where can I buy them? It's easy to fill in a form on the internet with the sizes, style and how many windows are to be replaced. The details and cost are then sent to you with the names of contractors or sales in your area. Vinylmax windows are sold at wholesale distributors. Your contractor or builder can measure and check on the windows in the style you like. These singularly outstanding windows will not only improve the energy competency of your home, they will please you with the appearance of new, sleek windows made for you.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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