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The choice of new or replacement windows does not simply stop with selecting the right design or type of window, but also extends to shopping for windows from a reputed manufacturer. Window manufacturers usually offer all types of windows; however, they may tend to specialize in specific materials and focus on niche markets, depending on the local demand and their industry expertise. Prices do tend to vary based on the brand, design and quality of the products being offered by the manufacturer. Let's get to know about few such window manufacturers and what they have in store for the customer.

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Alside Windows

A veteran with over 60 years of experience in vinyl windows products, Alside windows focuses on the low- to mid-grade vinyl units that are both energy efficient and easy to maintain. Standard and custom windows are available with a wide choice of color, as well as grid, glass and trim styles. Visit the link below for more in-depth review.

Alside Windows

PO Box 2010

Phone: 800.922.6009

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Amerimax Windows

Catering to the higher end of vinyl window products, Amerimax offers four distinct product lines that are known for their energy efficiency and quality. Limited lifetime warranty on parts, materials and the glass, and installation quality definitely justify the high costs associated with Amerimax vinyl windows. Visit the link below for more in-depth article.

Amerimax Windows

1660 Tide Ct

Phone: (800) 359-2221

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AMSCO Windows

A regional player in low- and mid-grade vinyl windows, AMSCO works with vinyl, composite and sound control frames. While quite popular for its vinyl series, AMSCO’s sound control serenity series effectively blocks external noise, apart from being energy efficient.

AMSCO Windows

P.O. Box 25368
Salt Lake City,

Phone: (800) 748-4661

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Anderson Windows

Andersen offers the best of accessorized green seal certified wooden windows in the market, definitely the most expensive of the lot. The quality of the product and construction, diverse product lines offering a several choices including screen, decorative glasses and grills, finishing styles and colors, etc. are characteristics of this manufacturer.

Andersen Windows

30 Forbes Road

Phone: 508-351-9292

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Anlin Windows

Functional and energy efficient, vinyl products from Anlin are available in three distinct product lines, with limited lifetime warranty on select products. The company also manufactures garden windows in addition to these product lines. Based in California, Anlin’s window products are naturally designed to suit hot climates.

Anlin Window

1665 Tollhouse Road

Phone: 800.287.7996

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Atrium Windows

Atrium deals with both vinyl and aluminum frames, producing different product lines to suit the needs in the different regional markets. Accordingly, prices also tend to vary. Vinyl replacements products remain the primary focus of the company, though. They also market products manufactured by other companies under their ownership.

Atrium Window

10 Parker St

Phone: (978) 368-7167

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Certainteed Windows

In an attempt to standardize product quality, the Certainteed brand of products are now manufactured in the US by MI Windows and Doors. The brand offers both new and replacement vinyl window products with a limited lifetime warranty.

Certainteed Windows

P.O. Box 860
Valley Forge,

Phone: 800.233.8990

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Champion Windows

Champion is focused on the mid- to upper-end of the vinyl replacement product spectrum at the national level; customizations tending to get more expensive. Materials, service, glass and seals are offered with a lifetime warranty.

Champion Windows

362 Elm St

Phone: (508) 232-6156

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Gerkin Windows

Although famed for its commercial aluminum windows marketed as the Rhino Series, Gerkin’s vinyl products for residences are available with the local distributors, but are sold primarily to builders and property developers.

Gerkin Windows

PO Box 3203
Sioux City,

Phone: 800-475-5061

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Gorell Windows

Catering primarily to mid-west and eastern regions, this manufacturer specializes in patio doors and vinyl replacement structures, apart from also producing aluminum storm windows. They also deal with other window types, with products and installation costs tending to be on the higher side of the price spectrum.

Gorell Windows

1380 Wayne Ave

Phone: (724) 465-1800

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Harvey Windows

With a wide choice of window products catering to all types of homes, Harvey deals with vinyl, wood, and storm window lines. Quality and product pricing are mid-range. Solid installation is a key characteristic of this manufacturer.

Harvey Windows

1400 Main Street

Phone: 800-598-5400

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Jeld-wen Windows

One among the biggest names in window business, this company boasts of being the only source of wooden frames made from AuraLast® wood. Dealing with a wide collection of vinyl, wood and aluminum windows, Jeld-Wen offers separate warranties for each type of material.

JELD-WEN Windows

587 Centre St

Phone: (508) 583-7843

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Jancor Windows

Operating through two vinyl window companies, Jancor focuses on both new and replacement residential window business via Survivor Technologies, and caters to the high-end residential replacement market with products from Kensington Windows. Both these companies deal with large-scale retailers and wholesale distributors to get their products to the customer.

JANCOR Windows

green square


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Kohler Windows

This Canadian manufacturer produces new construction and replacement window lines made from vinyl and wood. They feature different window types, including casements, awnings and single and double-hungs. Products range from low-end vinyl structures to expensive wooden frames, to suit all requirements.

Kohler Windows

583 MacElmon Road
Nova Scotia
B0M 1G0

Phone: 800-565-4396

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Loewen Windows

Based in Manitoba, this high-end manufacturer specializes in wooden windows, apart from offering customized set of accessories to improve the form and function of the structure. Products are available with local dealers in the US, though there may be a considerable lead time for the order to be serviced.

Loewen Windows

77 Highway 52
West Steinbach,
MB R5G 1B2

Phone: 204-326-6446

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Marvin Windows

Award-winning, family-owned, top business performer, Marvin offers a wide choice of window products and customizations across a range of price points. Wooden windows with several casing and exterior cladding options, colors and glazed glass are a specialty. Replacement options are, however, limited to sash-only and frame-in-frame styles.

Marvin Windows and Doors

P.O. Box 100

Phone: 888-537-7828

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Milgard Windows

Milgard products include vinyl lines across the price spectrum, as well as wooden and aluminum products. They also manufacture soundproof windows, thermal windows and fiber glass units to suit specific needs.

Milgard Windows

1010 54th Ave
East Tacoma,

Phone: 800.645.4273

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OKNA Windows

Focused on quality, energy efficiency and customer satisfaction, products plus professional services from OKNA fall at the higher-end of the vinyl price spectrum. OKNA manufactures both new construction and replacement windows, apart from basement windows.

OKNA Windows

400 Crossings Drive

Phone: 215-788-7000

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PlyGem Windows

Their new construction and replacement window products are available in different grades – Premium, Pro and Builder. However, replacement window frames are made only from vinyl. Windows for new construction can be designed with materials most suitable to the geographic region and the structure of the home.

Ply Gem Windows

5020 Weston Parkway, Suite 300

Phone: 888-975-9436

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Schuco Windows

Aluminum windows from Schuco are still available to builders and developers; however, vinyl windows for residential structures are off the retail markets in the US.

Schuco Windows

240 Pane Road

Phone: 860 666 – 0505

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Silverline Windows

A product from Anderson, Silverline windows cater to the lower-end of the price spectrum. These are, however, sold in bulk to construction companies and builders.

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Simonton Windows

This is a trusted brand that offers an ideal mix of quality, energy efficiency, pricing and aesthetics. The company focuses on vinyl replacement windows, made from PVC, a specific vinyl formulation.

Simonton Windows

3948 Townsfair Way

Phone: 800-746-6686

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Soft-lite Windows

Soft-lite is yet another brand that is quite popular for its vinyl series. Products are well-known for their quality and choice of window styles.

Soft-Lite Windows

10250 Philipp Pkwy

Phone: (330) 528-3400

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Sunrise Windows

Another manufacturer into high-quality new and replacement window products, Sunrise is popular for its replacement vinyl frames. The customer has a wide choice of installation options and window styles. The comprehensive warranty proves to be an instant hit with the clients.

Sunrise Windows

200 Enterprise Dr

Phone: (734) 847-8778

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Traco Windows

Traco primarily focuses on manufacturing windows specifically for architectural and commercial purposes. Most of the products are created using aluminum.

Traco Windows

71 Progress Ave
Cranberry Township,

Phone: (724) 776-7000

Vinylmax Windows

Vinlymax specializes in vinyl replacement windows in the mid and upper price ranges, dealing directly with both builders and homeowners. Wood and storm window lines also figure as a part of their offerings. Replacement windows are available in several styles, colors and grid patterns.

VinylMax Windows

2921 McBride Ct

Phone: (513) 772-2247

Wiwinco Windows

Wiwinco windows are best known for their affordable vinyl products catering to the lower and mid price ranges. The product series covers solid structures, soundproofing and complementary styles that meet diverse requirements.

Wincore Windows

Wincore offers energy efficient vinyl window frames for both new constructions and replacement projects. The customer gets to choose from a range of windows styles, grid patterns, colors, and shapes to create the most suitable window for the home. Windows can also be customized to include decorative glasses, if required.

Viwinco Windows

851 Hemlock Rd

Phone: (610) 286-8884

Weather shield Windows

Weather shield windows offer a comprehensive array of window styles made from vinyl, wood, or wood frames clad with aluminum or vinyl. Custom patio windows, impact windows, and both full and pocket replacements are also offered by this manufacturer.

Weather Shield Windows

One Weather Shield Plaza

Phone: 877.493.3199

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