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atrium windows

Atrium Windows is one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl and aluminum windows. Atrium has served all 50 states of the U.S. and several other countries for the last 60 years. They're makers of standard and specialty windows used throughout North America's different regions.

Where Can you Find Atrium Windows?

Atrium products are diverse and marketed through a large volume of resources.  They are available through your contractor or builder, lumberyard, home center like Lowes and Home Depot or your architect.  Consumers who are building a home, replacing windows or remodeling a building will find using Atrium windows an excellent choice because to the efficiency features the windows possess.

Why Use Atrium Windows?

All the latest advancements in windows are used to develop Atrium windows. Atrium windows are designed with the building concerns of today's construction professionals in mind. They are designed with insulation properties for energy efficiency, U-factor and R-values for heat conductivity, design pressure rating for wind load protection, Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) for transmission of heat from the sun and low-E glass to suppress radioactive heat flow.

What Atrium Window Types Are There?

• Awning
• Slider
• Horizontal Slider
Single Hung
Double Hung
• Tilt Single Hung
• Picture
• Tilt Single Hung
• Roll & Turn
• Tilt Turn
Bay and Bow
• Garden
Basement Hopper
Specialty Windows

The Cost of Atrium Windows

To replace 10 double hung windows in the Northeast with vinyl Atrium windows it would cost approximately $4400.  Replacing 2 Bay windows with aluminum windows would cost around $3400. The price includes licensed professional installation and the removal and disposal of old windows. Most windows from other manufacturers run approximately $220 per vinyl double hung window without installation and old window disposal.

According to - an online cost calculator, you should expect to pay between 535.00 on the low end, to 1,300.00 on the high end to replace your bay window.

Best Time of the Year for Window Replacement

Choose a month with mild weather for window installations.  The best time of year to buy windows for cost savings is in the month of August, because sales are slower with homeowners focusing on their children's return to school. The most popular months for window purchases are October and November.  If you buy in these months, the overwhelming number of orders could delay your installation.

Atrium windows are made to function in a wide variety of window types from sliders to casement. They are energy efficient and made to withstand many natural weather conditions. Because of the wide ranging benefits, the price for an Atrium window is very reasonable and the quality is excellent.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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