CertainTeed Windows

Nothing says more about a house than its windows. Not only are windows used for ventilation and insulation, but also for aesthetic purposes. That is why one should take time when choosing the type of windows to install in his or her house. CertainTeed is a company that offers top of the line windows for its clients. Before selecting windows for a house, one should visit CertainTeed and check out their products and get a few tips on how to select ideal CertainTeed windows for a home.

About CertainTeed

CertainTeed is one of the leading producers of vinyl windows and patio doors. The company started in 1904. Since then it has been producing high quality vinyl windows and is a favorite brand among many building contractors.

What Types Of Windows Do CertainTeed Sell?

CertainTeed offers several replacement and new construction products. The replacement products include BrynMawr III and Devon II. The new construction products are NewCastle III and NewBridge II. The products comprise of different types of windows. It is important for one to know the types of CertainTeed windows that are available in order to make the right choice.

CertainTeed Windows

Double hung windows are a common type of CertainTeed windows. They are well crafted and come with some extra details such as a 5 degree true-sloped sill and beveled exterior edges. Moreover, they are made of solid vinyl and are ideal for a person who is looking for design flexibility.

Bay and bow windows are another common type. They are known as geometric windows. These types of windows make use of architectural shapes to add some distinction to the home. They are economical, since they use fewer materials. This makes them cheaper than wooden windows. Bay and bow windows also have energy saving features. Therefore, they are beautiful as well as energy efficient.

Another notable addition to the CertainTeed window collection is the slider window. This type of window provides an optimum viewing area and is ideal for small rooms. There are several options to choose from when purchasing these windows. Some of them include the double slider style, vent style or three-lite style. They also have color coordinating furniture that ensures the windows blend in with the home décor, without having to cover the widow lines.

How To Choose The Best Windows From CertainTeed?

There are many types of CertainTeed windows that a person can choose. It is important for one to check them all out and get some advice from professionals before making a choice. This way, one gets the best windows, which ensures that the home looks beautiful and at the same time gets the right insulation and ventilation.

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