Harvey Basement Windows Cost

If you want to improve the look of your home, or just increase its value, one cost effective strategy is to renovate by replacing the windows. While the upper floors are an obvious choice, many home renovators often neglect to replace the basement windows.

These windows are just as important if the home is to maximize its functionality and energy efficiency. The Harvey hopper window is a popular choice for improving the basement, but the window replacement cost will vary between the available options.

Harvey hopper basement windows are available in custom made sizes with full screens, which is excellent for getting the perfect fit when you are dealing with masonry openings. Harvey basement window prices for installation by a professional will depend on the service you need. If you have the preparation in place and just need the window fitted, then you can expect the price to be in the range of $250 - $350.

If no prep work has been completed the cost will be much more, as a hole will need to be cut through concrete, a window frame will need to be built, and the window will need to be installed and sealed. As you can see, the cost for installation may far outweigh the price of the window itself.

Options include a range of interior colors including almond, BetterGrain™ red cedar, bronze, white, and BetterGrain™ dark oak. BetterGrain™ is a wood grain finish that mimics natural wood in a superior manner to laminates, foils, or veneers. The Hopper window comes standard with Fiberglass wire but can be upgraded to aluminum wire, or VIEWS screen at a moderate extra cost.

Other things you may like about this particular Harvey basement window is that the basic option is ENERGY STAR® qualified. You can improve the efficiency even further if you opt for the ENERGY STAR® glazing package upgrade. Another nice touch is the windows tilt in from the top with nothing more than a gentle tug on the handle.

Plenty of options are also available for the interior trim so you can closely match your décor. Use the clamshell for a more modern streamlined look, or go for one of the colonial styles to add to a more traditional atmosphere.

If you are looking for a window to improve not just the outside appearance of your home, but also add to the interior décor and increase your home's energy efficiency, then the Harvey Hopper is a fantastic option for your basement renovation.

Last Updated:2/3/2019

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