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189 dollar window?

Window World is one of the largest window installation companies in the United States. With 205 franchises operating across 46 states, it truly manages to be nationwide and local at the same time. It has an aggressive marketing campaign that pushes cheap windows, fast installation and labor warranties, but as is often the case "what is cheap in the short term, often costs more in the long run". The online reviews for Window World are what you might call a "mixed bag", but seem to run more on the negative than the positive.

What about Window World Complaints?

The sheer size of Window World necessarily means that there will be dissatisfied customers and the franchise nature of the business means that not all of these complaints will be dealt with in a timely or satisfactory manner. When subcontracted installers are paid per window the result is often a push for fast completion and that usually implies shoddy workmanship. Using subcontractors can also cause variable labor quality and a lack of infrastructure, or willingness to deal with the ensuing customer complaints, a common gripe about Window World. Still, franchise does have the advantage of local installers, so it is easier to research the quality of their work on websites like Angie's List.

Are Window World Windows Any Good?

One of the best assurances of good quality workmanship is a labor warranty. Companies that know they don't cut corners, who take the time necessary to do excellent work and supply quality materials have no difficulty giving lifetime labor warranties. A good rule of thumb is to avoid contractors who offer only short duration labor warranties. You can also find out other sites they have been working on in your area and visit them to see the quality of workmanship.

What about The Good Ole' Bait n' Switch?

Window World's biggest marketing ploy is its $189 window replacement promise, a promise reliably reported (by websites with Window World reviews like the and to be either impossible to honor at that price or of such low quality that the windows are going to cost more in the long run. Cheap windows, low quality materials and poor installation will increase energy bills, ensure a limited life span for the windows and can cause insurance issues.

It really is a bait and switch selling technique; advertising cheap prices gets people to pick up the phone, helps pressure them into a quick sale for an "offer only available for a limited time" is guaranteed to be full of extra hidden costs and will often leave the home owner cleaning up the mess. It could be seen as a real shame that a large American company, with an A+ BBB rating, in business since 1995, has to employ such selling techniques.

How Much Do Window Worlds Windows' Cost?

The main reasons people install new windows is to lower their energy costs by up to 70%, increase the value of their home, 60% of window cost is usually recouped at sale, and of course to replace windows that are leaking water or causing drafts. Window World's budget $189 window is the Alside Excalibur 1000 series and Sheffield vinyl windows, but they offer a wide range of products, from vinyl siding to garage doors and window shutters.

With six different window styles, all available in several size or pane options, eight color options, seven grid styles, four cut glass styles and nine exterior color choices, there is something to suit nearly every home. Although, most will cost considerably more than $189 installed! A more realistic cost is from $250 to $500 per window depending on size, materials and extras, like energy efficient tinting or triple glazing with inert gas filling.

Window Word is definitely a one-stop shop for new windows, if care is taken in vetting local installers, it could be a good choice if you are in the market to replace your windows.


Last Updated:2/3/2019

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